From them what brought ya...

And don't forget Bad-Clown - his mind is always cookin'...

Sanity - it just ain't worth the trouble.


  1. AnonymousMay 04, 2012

    Life was devised for hedonism - we just fucked it up through power, greed, et el. Not only did we fuck it up, we inverted its philosophy; to wit, we turned good deeds and pleasure into every aspect of evil that you have experienced, every aspect that your mind can think of, and every aspect that your mind can DEVISE! In the event that you have a perverted view of what hedonism is, I refer you to:

    Meta-physics is for those who wish to discover that which, is undiscoverable.

    Why try and rush the process - you will die soon enough, and if, there is something that you should know which, has not been made known to you on this un-Godly shithole, you will become privy to it upon death, provided you are deemed worthy.

    How do you become worthy - that's for your tiny brain to cogitate on - oh - does that sound like meta-physics?

    Oroborous has the answer!!!!!!

    1. To each his own
      -By Chance

    2. AnonymousMay 07, 2012

      Your introspection puts me on pins-and needles. Pls. publish more! Intellect such as yours should reside in the realm of all.

      And as an aside, I do believe your reply should have been stated as:

      'To each their own'

      cuz dats the way you sez it.